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Sunday, 24-Sep-2006 23:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I Don't Have Any Concerns

I Think About You All The Time and I Don't Need The Same

Thanks Sue, can't wait for the cupcakes. You're adorably sweet, i'll probably get diabetes knowing you. Hahahaha.

I received 2 private messages last week (I wont name names), both asking me how to write 'interestingly'. Geez, never thought myself as a writing guru or technically gifted writer. I never took my writing seriously to begin with. To end with, I never thought people will read, or take what i write seriously. I didn't reply to both messages as i hardly reply to private messages. Anyhow, the thing about writing is, don't learn seriously about writing from others. Whatever way you want to write, just write because your way will almost definitely be different from others and that (the difference from others) will make reading (your writings/ramblings) uniquely interesting. Should i give any specific advices - a) people tend to remember the first & the last. Keep the opening and closing sentences informal, direct and short. A catchy title/ending helps. b) Don't spend too much time thinking about bombastic vocabs. Writers with bombastic words aren't neccessarily good with words. They usually waste their time looking at dictionaries/thesaurus, to make themselves sound/look good. Ordinary writers are more interesting & ordinary writers keep their words starightforwardly simple. c) Grammar isn't important but search the internet/google for this website - "10 grammar mistakes to avoid/will make you look stupid". Spelling should be perfect. Punctuations must be spot on. d) Think before you write, think while you're writing, without thinking too much. Write from your heart & head (don't copy others, keep quoting from others to the very minimum). Write about your life (what are you cooking, how's your kid doing, music you're listening too etc). People want what they don't have, and want to read what they don't experience. They don't experience your life. Even your siamese twin don't.

Contrary to unpopular belief (again), I don't actually have a girlfriend. The girl some of you saw at my flickr site is someone i knew for a long time (15+ years). She's a gorgeous good friend and she will play the "girfriend role" whenever i don't have a steady girlfriend. "Girlfriend role" means - she tells me whether my hair looks good or not, has supper with me if i want somebody to be with me (at Dhurbar usually), reads the map for me while i'm driving (gosh zurin, you're terrible at map reading), watches Jom Heboh on tv with me & agrees that Ella is so gedik, accompanies me for midnight movies, listens to my previous relationship/financial/academic problems, asks about my family's well being, follows me to Mines to buy the average OAG's new cd (& accuses me of being an OAG fanatic) and asks me to look for her nasal spray etc. Dammit. Being in a steady relationship doesn't appeal to me any more. It's not cool to me. It's not cool in Cheras. At this age, personally for me there are other important issues. Plus, I think i have to raise my standard a little - instead of looking for someone special, the special someone should be looking for me (anyone interested?). For now, i would love to know & be friends with a lot of girls. For later, i just would like to marry one of the girl among the many girls i know (the best one larr) without being in a stressful relationship prior to marriage, if you get what i mean. Back to now, for now, she looks like the likeliest girl i would marry. Thank you. Merry go round.


Row row your boat.


Rainbow without any Care Bears.

Swan. River Corrib, Galway.


Wall. Walls around here looks like this.

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United We Sit & Stand

Pictures/Words by:

Me, squinting my eyes as on 19th September to those who miss me and don't know how i look like. Laundry looks good. I'm from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. 24 years old. Are you ok Annie?

Hear Me, Hear Me, I Want Sugar In My Tea. (Blogging.Politics.Mummy)

Contrary to unpopular belief, I don't read blogs that much. Certainly not blogs with in-trend, starbucks super-cool names (eg. using coffee names - expresso, mocha etc or names of cool places - cafe, mapley). In general, i prefer political blogs. Malaysia-Today is obviously the best place to read about politics in Malaysia. One simple advice from me, if you can't control yourself, don't get too involved in politics. Seriously. You'll know why later. Common ordinary people-wise, outside Fotopages, i haven't discover a nice addictive blog just as yet. If i have to vote for the coolest blog by an ordinary citizen, i would probably vote for Suhaina's (aka Suddenly Sue, Suede.Mokhtar) Pretty Wicked Smile blog. She's good at writing/narrating and she's pretty sweet. Oh Sue, can you be my girlfriend??

I argue with my mum a lot. Most of them are about politics. Others, ermm probably about (a) the girls i'm seeing, (b) Akademi Fantasia or (c) Siti Nurhaliza. When you argue/debate/discuss politics, with your mum, self control is essential. You just don't want to cross the very thin line between being a good son and a treacherous (derhaka) son (simply by raising your voice). It's extremely sad to see and hear about families fighthing among themselves, families breaking up just because of politics (a common scenario in Malaysia). If these people have good self-control, their differences can be something beneficial to them because, arguements and differences should actually be encouraged in families. You definitely don't want half-past-six family members agreeing with you all the time. About my political differences with my mum - I'm 'kind-off' a Mahathir supporter and she's more towards Anwar Ibrahim and stuff. Regardless, at the end of the day i'll eat her sambal kacang, ayam masak kicap, hug and kiss her goodnite and i'll tell myself - "she is the greatest mum in the world". Mahathir won't change that fact, certainly not Anwar Ibrahim.

Wave your flag if you love Malaysia

Ni Hao Lao Ban!

Bermaaf-maafan sempena Hari Raya yang bakal menjelma. (Sebulan lebih lagi)

Indian kids, Cameron Highland. The thing i remember most about these lads is how good their Bahasa Melayu were.

Tersenyum sipu. Hana & Ije. Galway, Ireland.

Orang Asli kids & rambutans. Cameron Highland.

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Irish Pride

Either Way You Turn, I'll Be There (Open Up Your Skull, I'll Be There)

Well, the title above is a line from my favourite Radiohead song, Climbing Up The Walls. I think Fake Plastic Trees is Radiohead's (or Thom Yorke's) best written and sang song, but Climbing Up The Walls is the Radiohead song that i like the most. Obviously, Creep is Radiohead's most famous song. Whatever. Gunalah Daia.

All settled and sorted, the medical final year ahead looks like one hectic season*. If Liverpool, especially their defence (and especially Pepe Reina) keep playing at the rate they are playing, it will be even a more hectic season. Anyhow, that is where all the money is worth, one hectic season. No point in taking JPA's and my parents' money to just sit around relaxing and fail exams. At the end of the day (or season), the joy and satisfaction of completing the journey will be worth all the money and energy.

*season = September-June

I have great admiration and respect for Ireland and the Irish people. The way they manage their daily lives and economy is surely one of the most efficiently done in the world. If you look around, you won't see many super stunning buildings or shopping complexes, you won't see the difference in status between their people that much, fishermans' still proudly fish their fishes, farmers take huge pride in being farmers, they like to keep their buildings old. What did they get? Ireland is one of the richest country in the world (number 10, above United Kingdom (number 15) with GDP $29600). I read somewhere in the NST before i came back that Malaysia is learning from Ireland about R&D. That's good news. Regardless, Malaysia is where i want to be. The country i want my kids to grow up in. The country where i want to die. Hopefully.

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Kopi Betina

It's Ok!! To Fall In Love Again? (It's All We Have To Live)

Bought a KTM Komuter ticket at KL sentral. The machine gave me my balance - RM4.00 worth of coins - 10 and 20 cents. Remembering the nights at Dhurbar for my nightly teh tarik. Hardly had coins to pay exactly RM1.10. So that's life. When i need coins, i don't have them, when i don't need coins i have plenty of them. Great. When i need love, i don't get love. When i don't need love, i'll fall in love. When i fall in love, love goes away. When love goes away, i want it back. When i want it back, i need love. When i need the cycle goes on and on.

Encik Zainal

As the cycle goes on and on, it left me thinking should i rent a car, van or bicyle here? I love cycling. I love this cycle. Plus, this place looks like a great place to cycle. But i think we should get a car. We should be happy. Encik Zainal gave us his wira 1.3 automatic for half price for 4 days. The fuel tank meter is not functioning he said. Yes, it wasn't fucntioning. It will be an advantage for Encik Zainal because i won't be able to speed as i don't know how much fuel is in the tank and i have to visit the gas station every now and then so the car wont break down in some jungle. Regardless, i will out-wit Encik Zainal. I love out-witting older people. With the fuel meter not functioning, i can return the car without filling up the tank and say i did fill the tank. Encik Zainal will get the impression that i'm a good little boy with long hair. Thats life. Taking advantage of people, other people taking advantge of us, cheating & wanting to impress.

Bitter FA

I get special treatment at Dhurbar*. Like a king. Like Siti Nurhaliza at tv3. Like prefects in schools. Like us, Malays, in Malaysia (well, half of me at least). I have my own table at Dhurbar and i don't need to order. As i sit down, one of the mamak will serve my teh tarik and 2 half-boiled eggs. It's not i'm a VIP or something, mainly it's because they recognize me as i visit them every night, ordering the same thing. What do i get from this special treatment? I feel good. I feel good because i dont have to call the mamaks to order like others. I feel good because i receive efficiently quick service. What do i get when i feel good? I'll take things for granted and become lazy. When i take things for granted and become lazy, i'll blame other people. That's us, Malays. That is what our political leaders thought us. We get special treatment as Bumiputera with the help of some policies which in other countries are considered 'racist'. What have these policies gave us? Not much. When the policies dont give us much, who should we blame? Other people. Malays in Penang should blame Koh Tsu Koon, not the Jom Heboh concerts, seen by thousands of Malays. Not the ministers who allowed RTM to air the Mawi & Ina show so we, Malays can waste 2 hours. Not the natural jealousy that we have when we see successful people among our own race. Are the Malays in states led by Malays ministers any better? I don't think so. Its just this racial thing we, Malays have. We want power. We want special treatment. We want to feel good so we can take things for granted and become lazy. In a modern world, the stronger racial sentiments we have, the further we will be left behind. To go a little bit over, zaman Hang Tuah dulu boleh lah. Khairy and the racial politics that we are experiencing do not look that good for our country. Hishamuddin & his keris is irrelevant.

*Dhurbar = mamak restaurant in Taman Midah

The End

To be honest, i'm losing a little bit interest in Fotopages so i wont update as frequent as i did. Like anyone cares. Picture-wise, go to my flickr site for frequent updates. I'll start my final year on Monday so i wont update much anyway. I'm not the type who will brag about how cute my sisters or brothers are. However, im very thankful to god for the time given to me to spend some time with the kids. The hugs, the kisses, the shouts, the butt-slaps and ear-pulls for being naughty, the cheek pinches for being too adorable were great and will always be great. I'm not a 'nice' brother in general. I do lose my patience at times and i can get really mad. It's because i care. I dont need anything from them. At least i hope, they'll send me to my grave when i die. Last entry for my stay in Malaysia. Sorry to those people i said i'll meet but didn't. Time wasn't on my side, seriously. Thanks to my parents as usual for everything, hopefully when i do come back next year, i'll come back as a real doctor. Special thanks to Z---n for the great time, support and love. In this moment, i am happy, happy. Happier than Incubus. Incubus sucks.

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Oh Yeah, Oh Right, Feels Good....Inside.

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Iron, Irony, Ironic

What does merdeka mean to me? That's clearly becoming a cliche question everytime Merdeka (Independence/National) day comes. Should I give an up-to-date answer, which is appropriate for the 21st century, it should sound like this - Merdeka to me means concerts, concerts and more concerts. Celebrities, celebrities and more celebrities. These are the most important people in regards to Merdeka. 2 hours should be allocated on National televisyen at prime time for celebrities getting married or talking about why they called off their engagement. People should gather together till the early hours after concerts so that they can throw rubbish everywhere and let the poor Alam Flora/DBKL people clean it up for them or ride their motorbikes at blistering speed. Parents must let their daughters out without any curfew so they can wake up in their boyfriends' arms the day after merdeka. How about doa selamat/majlis kesyukuran? No need to make a big deal-lah about those. Let the pakciks and makciks in kampungs do it for us, fardhu kifayah what. Concerts are fardhu ain. We must highlight concerts and celebrities only. Malaysia boleh. Merdeka and Jom Heboh, can you actually see a difference? The difference gets slimmer and slimmer every year.

Isn't it ironic that, the morning after merdeka, if you group the rubbish/thrash left by those people who celebrated merdeka the night before into groups, most of them are in fact, flags aka Jalur Gemilang. Tell me what is more ironic than that? (a) A tow truck which is suppose to tow away cars wrongly parked parking at the wrong place? (b) A GTO/EVO at MR2 driving as fast as my bicycle? (c) The second lane on highways is faster than the extreme right lane? Or (d) something ironic happening while listening to Alanis Morissette's song, Ironic? We don't need to become like America where patriotism suddenly rise to a massive level after 9/11. Why do we need certain events to be more patriotic? Why do we have to fly our flags only in August (and throw them when September comes)? Why 'force' people to fly/wave flags? (when all they want is to watch concerts).

Yes, waving flags is a sign of patriotism but the opposite is not true (not waving flags does not mean un-patriotic or less patriotic). In my understading of flags, the real opposite to waving flags is burning or throwing flags, not "not waving flags". To show you love your country you wave your flag and to show you hate (your?) well, mostly other countries, you burn their flags. Patriotism, like love is something that can't be defined wholly by physical actions. The truth of it lies within the individual. Therefore, if you want me to wave flags only to throw them the next morning, i would rather not wave any flag. We are still blinded by superficial patriotism aka Patriotisma Bulan Ogos. It's all because of the concerts.

NB: My personal view. Not necessarily correct or agreed by others. Got the idea to write this while driving slowly behind a super slow Evo on MR2 towards Ampang and spending most of my time taking over using the second (middle) lane. Malaysian drivers. Credit to all the kids i met during the pangkor/cameron holiday. They were impressed (i assume) with the funny faces i put on to get them pose for me.

Smile & peace if you think Abang Lin should grow a moustache

This funny & sporting lad pulled off the bubble gum trick on me.

Smile if you like kicap cap tamin.

I wish i have a pair of eyes as beautiful as these. Orang Asli kid, Cameron Highland.

Strength and atheletism.

He'll be one chubby rock star.

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