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By: Phalinn Ooi

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My Generation

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What's Real.Shaolin Soccer.Generasiku.Ice Cream.

Movies/dramas/theaters/plays/tv shows are created to provide entertainment to human beings by trying their best to represent life. The better people can relate to them and the more 'real' they appear, the more interesting they become. That's why Reality Tvs are becoming everyone's favorite nowadays (except me). Untill now, i couldn't name a reality tv show that actually looks 'real'. They look way faker than shows that never intended to be real in the first place (cartoons). Screw them. For me, i find 'live' sitcoms are the most realistic thing on tv, besides the obvious, talkshows. The most attractive part of these sitcoms is when the actors/actresses couldn't stand the jokes themselves, and begin to laugh when they shouldn't. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu is a classic show for that, along with Whose Line Is It Anyway. Those are real. Plus, the part from Shaolin Soccer where Iron Head & Sing Mighty Steel Leg sang togther in the pub "Shiulan kung fu seng, how ho ye, shiulan kung fu keng, hai ho kan..." is a masterpiece. I believe Stephen Chow & Yut Fei Wong were laughing for real. At least it looks so real and that makes a movie appealing.

For the majority of people under 27 years old in Malaysia, most of them will tell you that the song Generasiku (music/words: Audi Mok/Rafidah 3R) by OAG/Radhi is a song they like. Probably its because a) the song is catchy and very 'up-beat" b) the lyrics are encouraging, c) they like the teen flick "Gol & Gincu" or d) they like songs that other people like. That song is a good song, no one will deny that fact. However, for someone who is into older retro stuff, I would say, the song "My Generation" (words/music: Pete Tonwshend) by the legendary British band, The Who is far more influential. It's one of the most influential rock song ever to start with. I hope I die before i get old, a line from that song is a line that is frequently used/altered by today's artist including Hillary Duff, Robbie Williams, They Might Be Giants & MC Lars to name a few. The song itself was covered by artists such as The Sweets, Greenday, Oasis, Iron Maiden etc. Tv shows/movies such as The Simpsons, Full House & Austin Powers had all featured that song. Wall's Ice Cream used that song for their advertisement in 1999. Conclusion is, "Generasiku" by OAG is a good, influential song, "My Generation" by The Who is a better song and far more influential. I seriously suspect Audi Mok and Rafidah were thinking about that song when they wrote Generasiku. If you have Generasiku in your mp3 list but you don't have My Generation, you should question your music taste. Seriously.






Roq & Maedy. Dj-Dj pasar Ramadhan.

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Meniscusly Stupid. (Snoogan)

The Pain.The Fear.The Doughnut.The Broken Heart.

Sofiya refused to shake my hand when i was about to leave KLIA in September. She acted like someone who doesn't know me. It's ok. Although i felt a little bit sad, it's understandable. I know she's sad as well because i'm about to leave her. I know she was sad because, when we arrived at KLIA, she was the one pushing the luggage trolley with me. It's like she's trying to say "jom main tolak-tolak troli nak?", like those words she always said. The words of someone who wants something, full in modesty, without trying to be so obvious. Everytime i asked "Nak pergi mana?" she will always say "Jom pergi taman nak?" smilling and laughing because she really wanted to go but didn't want to show that she's too eager of going to avoid the dissapointment of me refusing. "Jom makan KFC nak?" was Sofiya's another favourite and eating at KFC Stadium Bola Sepak Kuala Lumpur with Sofiya was one of the most memorable event for me last summer.

I'm addicted to doughnuts now. So, doughnuts will always be high up there in my daily plans. -Wake up. Shower, get dressed and feel good. See some radiological procedures. Tutorial with Prof. Check my e-mails. Return the library books. Surgical tutorial. BUY SOME DOUGHNUTS AT THE SUPERMARKET. Go home- That's more or less my schedule for the past 6 days. Life is good.

Of the many offences or laws that you can break, talking loudly in the library and pissing the poor old librarian off is surely one of the coolest. In June i remember talking considerably loud (for library standards) with Aini in the library. The librarian told us to shut up once, so we lowered our voices and it still did not satisfy the old lady. She came to us and told us to go out if we want to talk. I don't know why, i felt good that day. It made my day. A tip for Tertiary Education - know all your librarians, be friends with some, hate the others.


The boy with the Garfield shoes





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Men Can Cook Meh? Sure Can One Loh.

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The Chefs:

What We Did For Ramadhan

To those interested, i didn't plan to continue the Neurosurgeon Man story actually. Will do it some other time yea. There were the 3 of us (Apai, Firdouse & Myself) left at 15 Gleann Dara for the whole month since Adzreil & Syazwan are away with their attachments in peripheral hospitals. Here in Galway, I'm finishing my Orthopedics placement in Merlin Park Hospital, Apai with his infectious disease placement in UCHG & Firdouse is finishing his Anaesthetic/Radiology attachment in UCHG as well. Despite the hectic schedule, we managed to find time to experiment with some dishes we won't normally cook outside Ramadhan during our rotating cooking duties. Let the girls watch their "A Walk To Remember" and play Bingo while we rock the kitchen on. So to our beloved ones back home, don't worry. We have enough food. Here is what we ate during the last 3 days (& the respected chefs):

Tuesday: Char Kuey Teow (by Me)
Wednesday: Nasi Lemak Sempoi Orang Bujang (Firdouse) & Kuih Akok (Me)
Thursday: Nasi Ayam Chicken Masala & Agar-agar Kedai Pak Mat. (Apai)

Nasi Ayam Chicken Masala

Agar-Agar Pak Mat

Nasi Lemak. Ni left Over semalam. Nampak lagi best the day Firdouse masak.

Apai & Firdouse own their recipes' copyrights so i'll explain about my own cooking only. Kuey Teow Goreng & Kuih Akok is basically a combination of Chinese and Malay dishes. Never tried to cook them before so i expected mistakes. My mum's from Terengganu by the way, the east coast where they make the best kuih akok. Weird name though. On one lucky Saturday afternoon, I made a cliche son-to-mum phonecall asking about recipes. No daun kantan invovled. I didn't asked about the kuih akok recipe, my mum gave to it me as she said it is so easy to make. I personally asked about how to fry a good kuey teow though, like those you see at pasar malams. Only thing lacking was "kerang". I told my mum the supermarkets here only sell mussels and she said it's not a good idea to have it in the fried kuey teow.

Kuey Teow Goreng

Rebus kuey teow siap2. 4 minit dah siap. Cili kering + Cili padi sket + bawang putih + bawang besar sket diblender menggunakan blender lah, apa lagi. Potong daging ayam kecil2, bawang besar kecil2 dan sayur-sayuran kecil2 (carrot, spinach, tomato, daun bawang, cili padi). Panaskan minyak, goreng ayam 3 minit. Masukkan hasil blender, bawang besar. Tambah 2 biji telur. Masuk kuey teow. Masuk carrot, cili padi & spinach. Gaul kasi rata. Masuk Oyster sauce + Soy sauce. Gaul kasi rata lagi. Masuk tomato. Hias bagi cantik sesuka hati pakai daun bawang. Siap. Baca doa buka puasa. Makan.

Kuey Teow Goreng

Kuih Akok

Kuih ni saya masak, jadi dari segi rasa tapi dari segi rupa bentuk memang hancur lebur. Janji boleh makan. Sebab tak jadi bentuk dia : (a) takde bekas yang sesuai (b) mak saya suruh pakai api oven belah bawah, tapi rosak plak api bawah oven rumah ni. So pakai api atas, mmg bawah dia tak mengeras dengan bagus. Bahan-bahan: Tepung beras satu gelas, santan satu gelas, telur satu gelas (5 biji), gula 3/4 gelas, saya sendiri tambah serbuk Milo sket bajet lagi sedap la konon. Kacau sehingga rata habis bahan2 tu. Bakar dalam oven berapa minit ntah. Agak2 sendiri la bila dah masak. Thanks mum. You're the world's greatest.

Kuih Akok. Rupa memang gone. Rasa ada. Kena korek pakai sudu nak makan. Heheh.

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Oo Oo And You're Mary Tyler Moore

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Neurosurgeon Man

Pah, I took no offence. I actually like your comment. I like comments that i can answer in a professional argumentative way, instead of comments that agree with me all the time. To put it in another way, i like comments that i'm not sure what the commentar is trying to say/mean. Hip hip hooray. Inda augmented the fact that i sound like Mr. McCourt. All i can say is, i'm honoured to be compared to an award winning author. It really flatters me. It's really hard to flatter me in reality, because 8 out of 10 times i don't trust people. The truth is (truth = what is true to me isn't necessarily true to you, vice versa) however, after reading some excerpts from "Teacher Man" & "Angela Ashes", I don't think i sound like him. Writing is heavily influenced by what the writer reads, so if i would say i sound like somebody, probably it's Chuck Klosterman. Read his books, they're all awesome. If i sound like Frank McCourt I will sound like this:

Excerpt from Neurosurgeon Man, A Memoir by Phalinn Ooi - So the sun is shining. It's 2.55pm. Goddamnmit. I arrived late at the school gate, again. I should be ready. I have to be ready. My ears need to be ready for what is about to come. "Where have you been dad??!!!???" screams my daugther, Layla a beautiful young lass of 17 with eyes as sweet as her mum's and straight long hair as shiny as those Pantene models back in my days, in 2005. Beautiful indeed. No matter how mad she gets whenever i'm late to pick her up from school, she will always be beautiful. No matter how bad a father i am, she will always be my daughter, my beautiful daughter. She will always be her, her beautiful self.

"Sorry hun, the traffic was really bad in front of Taman Maluri. Lets get some lunch & pick up your mum shall we. McDonald sounds good eh?" were my first few statements, not really answering to her question about my whereabout prior to coming. I don't need to answer her question. What I need now is, I really need to get my hands on those succulent Chicken McNuggets. Yes, my hands. I eat with both hands. What a loser. Layla, your dad is a loser.

Fact is, I am really hungry. Not eating for 7 hours will definitely make even the most anorexic supermodel hungy. I don't need to tell Layla where i was and why i was late. Deep down inside she understands. She understands that there are people out there who are not as lucky as she is. Holly molly, that Britney Spears' song "Lucky" springs to mind. It was 22 years ago, but it is one of the most irritating song, ever. It's ok. No one cares. What the hell. Nevermind. Layla doesn't seem to be bothered. She wasn't even born yet. She doesn't even know about that song or even Britney Spears. All Layla knows is she understands that to cut open the heads of those not so lucky people and to correct their dysfunctioning brains is my job. Yes, I am the brain mechanic. I cut open people's head. I am the neurosurgeon man. To Be Continued

Quadrangle, NUIG


Clinical Science Institute, UCHG.

Swan. I think something is not right with this picture. The boat behind?

Dexter & his Buddy Holly glasses

Andaman Sea, Langkawi.

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2 Lovers Can't Always Feel The Same

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Where I come from isn't all that great.My automobile is a piece of crap.My fashion sense is a little whack.And my friends are just as screwy as me.I did go to boarding schools.Preppie girls never looked at me.Why should they?I ain't nobody.Got nothing in my pocket.I'm just a no-class beat down fool.And I will always be that way.I might as well enjoy my life.And watch the stars play -Rivers Cuomo-

Left Lateral Condyle.Rainy Days.Alternative Rock.My Journal.Double Cheese Burger. Black Umbrella. Hot Lemon Tea.Pepe Jeans.Sirloin Steak.Mushroom Sauce. Traffic Lights.Summing Up My Life As Per Usual.

Hey, anyone found the glasses i'm wearing above, do return it to me. Yours sincerely, Eikichi Phalinnzuka.

Did I Lose That Girl, Or Did She Lose Me??

Shorts of ideas. So I'm taking this 'responsding to interesting comments' approach. I mean, interesting, controversial, question-like comments in previous entry will be eloborated/answered here, instead of writing crappy stories which most people do not give a damn anyway.

Ije commented on me sounding a lil bit like Frank McCourt (an Irish-American writer). I didn't know whether that was a compliment or criticsm so on my visit to his house to wash my clothes (the washing machine at my place broke down), i asked him. He said it was a compliment. Thanks. Yeah, that's too much because he's one of the best semi-autobiographical authors around and i'm no where as good as him. Not even close. I agree that "a good writer is best left out suffering". I think people with a lot of personal tragedies/sufferings tend to be good musicians/lyricists/poets/writers. But not good speakers. I had many personal tragedies throughout my life, maybe that's why i prefer to write. Still not a good writer though. Luv Amy, that picture of the litter thingy was taken beside River Corrib near the main campus of the university. Great place to hang out and snap pictures.Pah, I don't believe there's a great deal of difference between my DSLR and old compact cameras. Without sounding arrogant, i think the pictures i take mainly depend on my brain, my eyes and my hands. If there's a difference between cameras, it is a very small difference to me. At times i suspect people are trying to question my credibility as an original photographer by stressing too much on my camera or making it front page news whenever i crop or edit a picture. Ira, I left Semsas in 1999, with flying colors. Thank god. Ejey, Zul ada cakap kat aku ko kem salam. Kem salam balik kat ko - assalamualaikum. Sue, I'm afraid of needles. Sabishii, game penting ini malam, kena menang punya. Aku rasa patut bagi abang panjang start pulak sebab abang rendah (bellamy) tak perform sangat lately. Last aku ponteng puasa masa darjah empat kut. makan cokodok ngan air paip dalam bilik air rumah aku. Shida (is that you?), I play the "only friends" thing now. Seriously, i'm not thinking about being in a steady relationship, anymore. Favourite OAG song? I guess me and my friends ( who listen to the same music as i do, esp Baitak, Raj) will easily agree that "Sweet FA" is OAG's best song hands down. Classic 1995's OAG, (although that song was written some time in 2000 i guess??) To others, Happy Ramadhan, Happy Fasting. Thanks for the encouragements, nice words. Insyallah akan jumpa jodoh 1, 2, 10, 20 tahun lagi. Most people like the rainbow picture the most. I like it the least to be honest. My favourite picture of the last entry is the picture of the wall, no one likes it. Toche.Arigato Gozaimas.Syukran Jazilan.


NUI Galway

Quadrangle, NUIG


River Corrib, Galway.


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