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Nostalgia Rock & Roll Malaya

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Where Have All The Leather Pants Gone? (Long)

Mengapa kita berjumpa, namun akhirnya, terpisah

1989, 1990 & 1991 were definitely the years for Malay rock culture. Alaa, you know those guys with tight leather pants, super long 'kembang' hair which prompted RTM to ban those type of hairs on Tv and of course, super good music. Excellent music. I'm not sure about the preceding years because i was in America but when i came back in 1988, the Malay made and sang rock music was so good, it was everywhere. You can't avoid it. We stayed with my cousin on my mum's side in Bangi when we came back and that's when i 'studied' Malay rock (with my cousins being the 'malay rock teachers'. I also spent a lot of time with the family on my mum's side in Terengganu so the transition from being a Malay/Chinese boy living in America with American 'accent' to a Malay/Chinese boy who would appreciate his Malay side wasn't a big problem.

Gersang with killer songs such as Suratan Takdir & Masih Aku Terasa was the first Malay band i ever heard about while Search was THE band of that time for obvious reasons. Gersang were made up of prominent players in the Malay music industry untill now (Man Bai - who doesn't recognize this guy?, Acis - now married to Sheila Majid, Kid - ex-Search guitar player, Jojet and Man Greng). The relationship between these first two bands that i know is significant. Somehow, after those two killer songs Gersang broke up because from what i remembered my cousins told me, people were throwing telur busuk at their shows. I don't know why. After they broke-up, Kid (who is the younger brother of Search's Din) joined Search during their peak years (1989 - The Fenomena album with smash hits such as Fenomena, Gadis Misteri, Pawana and of course, Isabella). Kid became the first guitar player that i admire and i always wanted to be like him. Since Hillary Ang & Man Kidal is not "my generation" guitarists, i still regard Kid as the best ever Malaysian guitar player with Joe Wings coming close at second. Search dominance was the strongest dominance ever shown by a local band with Isabella winning Juara Lagu 1989, their songs are known by everyone and the band had films made from their songs (Isabella & Fenomena).

Other bands were also blooming. Iklim was another band i like. They had good songs and they were from Terengganu. Their song was so good that my father regarded Suci Dalam Debu as his favorite song at that time. You won't find many Chinese choosing Malay rock songs as their favorite song. Wings were also influential, my sekolah agama school bus driver played Misteri Mimpi Syakilla and Taman Rashidah Utama on heavy rotations. The Uztazs and Uztazahs won't be pleased if they knew about that. The strength of Malay rock bands/songs was again evident when Mega with their super nice break-up song Takdir dan Waktu won the Juara Lagu in 1991. You won't find Malay rock songs winning Juara Lagu anymore after that. I don't know what when wrong since. I assumed it was the influence of teeny boppers' Westernized radio stations such as Hitz fm, responsible for indirectly spreading this idea that Malay songs aren't cool. But maybe Malay songs/bands weren't that cool after all since then.

Lastly, movies made using the Malay rock culture influence weren't that bad. I remember "merajuk"ing with my dad because he refused to buy the Isabella movie (Search, Nia Dzulkarnain) VHS tape at Pasaraya Fajar, Pudu. He bought it anyway and it was the first movie i bought in Malaysia. Anyhow, between the two movies involving Search, I prefer Fenomena (Search, M. Nasir, Ramona Rahman). I think it was a very good movie for our standards. One of the best local film, if not the best. I recorded Fenomena the movie on tape when it came out either on cerekarama or mega movie (can't remember) because we went out for dinner that night and since then i watched it more than ten times i guess. The movie epitomized what living in the wooden houses near the beaches in Terengganu is all about, the strong Malay culture of people in Terengganu and i can relate well with Ramona Rahman's character although i'm a guy (not being a true Malay and living in those serene kampung surrounding in Terengganu). Yeah, Terengganu kite. Kite tengok penyu telur, penyu tengok....Plus, Ramona Rahman actually reminds me of someone important to me. May those years come back.

Moga dibukakan pintu hatimu untukku Hehehe. Some cheesy opening & closing statements.


My aunt & my mum (with spectacles). Terengganu ladies. Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Cycling parrot

Sleeping frogs

Toco Toucan

Give me that look

Spread your wings and don't fly

My cousins aka Malay rock gurus, 17 years later, all grown up. Bandar Baru Bangi.

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Creep (Believe me, I followed all you said)

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NB: Tag gambar bilik air terpaksa ditukar kerana mendapat tentangan daripada mak saya, persatuan hak asasi jamban sedunia, persatuan pecinta petrol diesel dan juga seseorang.

So Long and Good Morning

Dear Lady-Rain,

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Pagi,

Lagu ini dipanggil......."Kreep"

Ketika awak disini sebelum ini.Tidak boleh melihat awak di dalam mata.Awak seperti bidadari.Kulit awak membuatkan saya menangis.Awak terapung seperti bulu burung.Di dalam pusingan yang cantik.Saya harap saya istimewa.Awak sungguh istimewa.Tapi saya seorang yang kreep.Saya seorang yang pelik.Apa kejadahnya yang saya buat kat sini.Saya tak layak berada disini.Saya tidak kisah ia melukakan.Saya mahu mengawal segalanya.Saya mahu badan yang sempurna.Saya mahu roh yang sempurna.Saya nak awak sedar, bila saya tiada di sana.Awak sungguh istimewa.Saya harap saya istimewa.Tapi saya seorang yang kreep.Saya seorang yang pelik.Apa kejadahnya yang saya buat kat sini.Saya tak layak berada disini.Ooh ooh.Dia berlari sekali lagi.Dia berlari-lari, lari lari lari lariiiiii.Lariiiiiiiiiii.Apa sahaja yang membuatkan awak gembira.Apa sahaja yang awak mahu.Awak sungguh istimewa.Saya harap saya istimewa.Tapi saya seorang yang kreep.Saya seorang yang pelik.Apa kejadahnya yang saya buat kat sini.Saya tak patut berada disini.Saya tak patut berada disini.

Yours sincerely,

Only in dreams. Missing Malaysian food.Badly.

Bola-bola. Sungei Wang, KL, Malaysia.

Burung berwarna hijau pekat ini mempunyai paruh yang berwarna jingga.

Bar Pelajar. NUI Galway.

Burung Kakak Tua

1957. Teluk Nipah, Pangkor, Perak, Malaysia. Malaysia = Heaven makanan.

Mamak. Bandar Seri Permaisuri. Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Encik Ooi tengah order ikan bakar. Pulau Pangkor.

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Jejaka Perasan.Hep Hep.(Life of Chasing Butterfly)

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Things Are Good Or So I Hear. (A Beach Boys/Weezer Tribute)

P/s: This entry is for Raj Cheras. He misses my "Rivers Cuomo/Brian Wilson Beach Boys" look. So Gay. Also to those who said i haven't put up my recent pictures lately. Now look at them till you get sick. Pictures credit to Apai.

Girls dream about having a body like Barbie, walking under the rainbow with their tough hunky boyfriends and stuff. What do under average geeky nerdy anti-social boys like me dream about? Answer: Walking in our favourite rockstars shoes, or clothes shall i say. There's an important distinction in thinking that you look like someone with trying to look like someone. Thinking that you look like someone (perasan) is usually a secretive thought that i think everyone has but afraid to say it out loud fearing people, will call them, ermm, perasan. I'll tell you who i think (or used to think) i look like. In primary school/early secondary school i thought i look like Cheng E-kin and that Penjejak Awan guy from the Pedang Setiawan comics. Perasan nak mampus kan? Nowadays, i don't think i look like anyone except some of my friends think i look a little bit like Stephen Chow or Dr. Eugene Ng, an opthalmologist here. Dammit. Well, thinking that we resemble some celebrities is a normal thought and in most internet forums (even Liverpool FC forums) you will find threads asking "Which celebrities people have mistaken you for?".

Trying to look like someone is usually defined as a "rock & roll" quality. You have to be good at this to be a so called good indie/rock kid. The first step in achieving this is to acknowledge that you dont actually look like, (not even close) the celebrity/famous people you are trying to copy, how hard you try. So, Rivers Cuomo and Me are like sky and land (in Malay terms). He is a Caucasian for heaven's sake and i find Asians who think they look like some white people or dye their hair blonde as, ridiculous. Well, every culture or cults (music, Xtreme sports, Japanese street culture etc) has their own code of fashion so copying others (to be part of the scene) is a norm. I'm happy with the indie-pop beach boys 60's geeky look as it keeps me away from hot chicks and starbucks drinking, volvo driving type posers (quoting Kurt Cobain, the richest dead celebrity 2006). Our dads/mums used to wear like this during the Beach Boys era, so it's a tirbute to our parents. It's neat and clean. No torn jeans, no hair too long, just one huge pair of glasses, buttoned up shirt and a bowl hair cut (Temenggung Jugah Anak Barieng).

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Conclusion Came To You

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Bird, Galway

A girl with the young sheikh.

Anti-Establishment Advert. Picture by Abang Botak The Great.

Post Solat Raya. Balok, Adzreil, Syad & Chota

Balok, Waqar & Adzreil

Galway Chicks

Burn & Chota

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Selamat Hari Raya.

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Lets Be Friends & Just Walk Away

- Eid Mubarak & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslims. Sorry for everything. Have fun.

- I find people online on yahoo messenger or other messengers with status like "Don't disturb, busy etc" strange and pathetic. If you don't want people to disturb you, just make yourself invisible or do not online in the 1st place.

- I have my plan for the future sorted out by now. Just the execution to achieve them: Graduate, work a year or two here for experience. Go back to Malaysia to focus on this Neurosurgery thingy (Malaysia is great for surgery, an acceptable cliche). Khairy Jamaluddin wants to become the PM by the age of 40, my plan is to be a Consultant Neurosurgeon by the age of 40. Obviously mine is 100 times harder to achieve. If Pak Lah can become the PM, then everyone can become the PM. Work in Malaysia. Buy a house, hopefully somewhere near my family's. Die in Malaysia (Insyallah). Get married at the age of 28/29. Drive an old dusty ford/datsun for a few years. As the kids grow older, by some decent cars for the wife, kids and myself. Probably a BMW for the wife, a decent national car for the kids, and a Land Rover type automobile for myself. Will keep the old car though. Amin.

- If not a neurosurgeon, maybe a neurologist, if not a psychiatrist. I like brains, and i like weird people. Neurosurgeon's my first choice because Thekiso said i'm a typical surgeon type of guy. Unfriendly, cold, garang, i don't say much but if i do you'll probably won't be able to answer/react to my topics good enough (probabilities, statistics, God & creations, Reality & fantasy, death & life after death, politics, conceptual arts, popular culture, music physiology, technical football etc..) & i'm focus on my work, especially work involving doing something with instruments & involving the hands.

- There was talk about me being ambidextrous. I'm not ambidextrous by default/ i wasn't born with the capabilities to use both hands with equal strength/precision. In 1991, when i was in standard 3, it was the first time i met a guy who is left-handed and i was introduce to lefthandedness that year. It left me thinking "if people can write with their left hand, and others with their right, it will great to write with both." Since then i practiced my left hand a great deal lot. Won't explain further on the abilities of my hands. Practice makes perfect for everything. Some natural activities require ambidextrity (use of both hands with precision) and all of us can do it: typing with typewirter/keyboard, playing the piano (no matter you can play or not). A good exercise: if you use earphones, try to put the earphone into your ears using the opposite hand (right ear earphones with left hand & other way round). By default, it's extremely difficult. After 5 days practice in 1995, i can do it well now.

- I was dissapointed to know that my picture came out the newpaper for the salam aidilfitri thing. Not a big fan of sending pictures to newspapers and highlighthing "wow look at us people in Malaysia, we are overseas students." That sucks. 1/3 of my life was spent overseas anyway, so nothing to be proud of. Why don't ordinary people in Malaysia, in the kampungs, in the large cities send their pictures to the newpapers as well to wish Selamat Hari Raya? These people are as important as those freaking idiots like me living overseas, most of them wasting the people's money studying overseas to sum it up nicely. It's not like the overseas students can't call their families or chat with them on IRC to wish Selamat Hari Raya or something? Most people won't agree with me on this. But i propose, salam aidilfitri sections on local newpapers to be equally participated by people of Malaysia, local or overseas. Hey, people in UM, UTM and stuff want their pictures in the news too.

If you think you've seen this picture before, here, you're wrong. It's a different version.

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