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Tuesday, 28-Nov-2006 21:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Straight Lines

Why Bother.Boys & Girls & Sexism.Dear Diary.

It's really frustrating when super feminist girls start to talk about their girl power thingy and how girls are better than guys, there are more girls in universities, guys are more in Pusat Serenti and stuff. These girls are everywhere, they were my teachers, my classmates. These talks are basically useless and arises from nothing else but their inferiority complex. The average modern guys prefer not talk about how they are better than women in certain aspects.That's why facts like 2/3 of people who can't read are actually women, 9/10 surgeons are men, 5/6 of obstetricians/gynecologists are men, women are more likely to scream and faint when they see hot celebrities were never actually highlighted like those cheap Pusat Serenti arguments. Men just don't want to make women feel more inferior than they already are. We are not better than one another, we are just different. Quantity doesn't count for anything, quality does. Just accept that fact. By the way, where have all those many girls in universities gone after universities?

And, have they ever thought why are guys so cool and do not scream like they do when they see some super hot opposite-sex human being? Scenario: Nina sees a group of boy band or handsome korean actor on Tv while I'm seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt on Tv or listening to Sarah McLachlan's voice on stereo. Who is more likely to scream "Wahh, so cute! Cute sangat! nak pengsan aa!"? Hmmm, nothing against those type of people, i just find them slightly irritating because i believe in as Napoleon Hill said “Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent.” Another group of people who irritates me were the group of girls back in secondary school who enjoyed reading my journal notebook secretly when I'm not around, gossiped about what i wrote and pretend to jual mahal when being face to face with me. Gosh, can't believe they were interested in lines such as "carbon monoxide is causing this greenhouse effect & i'm afraid of it", because that is the type of lines i used to write in my journal. I just knew about this fact recently when i was talking to one of my friend, Nana. I asked her "how did you know that fact?" and she said "hehehe, we used to read your diary back then. Kikikiki" Geez, if those girls wanted to know about my favorite food, my hobbies, favorite badminton player or my birthday, they could just asked me directly. My favorite badminton player was Foo Kok Keong and I still write and draw cartoons in my notebook/journal in between/during classes until now. It's one of my longest surviving hobby.

I love girls by the way. What will guys be without them? Lets just have fun and enjoy the scene together alright?

Smile if you want to

Huwaa huwaa.

You be a good boy & take care of your sister now.

"Straight Lines" is the new single from Silverchair, out early next year. If you didn't know about that, you heard it first here. If you think Butterfingers is influenced by NIrvana, I think you're wrong. They are more like Radiohead plus minus Pink Floyd. Starting at 2:34 minutes of Radiohead's Karma Police, Thom Yorke sings again and again "For a minute there i lost myself" for one minute and a half. Starting at 2:32 minutes of Butterfingers' Cuai, Emmet sings again and again "Untuk seketika ku hilang kawalan diri" for one minute and a half or so. It was an observation i made last year when i first heard Cuai and i wonder what song was Loque thinking about when he penned those lines. Oh yeah, it was Karma Police. Both good songs though.


Nursing building, UCHG

Seekor ayam dan seekor burung merak

Playground. Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Bandar Tun Razak Bandaraya Rock & Roll, Cheras, Malaysia.

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Grey Heron (Kuntul Kelabu)

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Men Do Cry.Radiohead.Herons

- Grey Herons are basically the European/Asian version of the North America's Great Blue Heron. I managed to locate them twice on my bird watching/photographing sessions here in Galway - one was at River Corrib during a hot end-of-summer afternoon while recently i found 2 herons hanging out at Nimmo's Pier/Claddagh near Galway Bay. Some group of western (so-called) professional bird photographers said that herons are difficult to approach as they tend to fly away quickly. From my experience using the Malaysian way, these westerners are wrong. Herons are melancholic lonely birds who actually don't give a damn about humans. They prefer to look ahead into the sea wondering about their future, thinking about their loved ones and they might be listening to some slow numbers by Radiohead in their head. Hence, herons and me are basically the same. Bored and lonely. The pictures here are kind of 'repetitive" and the same because it proves my point right. No matter how close i get to them, they will stay in their "blues" position. The bad thing about this is I didn't get much variation in my pictures. From what i know, herons (kuntul) differ from storks (bangau) in that when they fly (and rest), their neck will form a "S" shape while bangau's (stork) neck are straight when they fly. When bangau rest aa, their neck also like "S" one loh. The difference between Storks and Herons are favorite exam questions for Bird-o-logy just like the difference between venous and arterial ulcers are for surgery exams.

Merenung masa depan. Yakin boleh, rakan muda.

River Corrib, Galway

"I'm not living, i'm just killing time."

- The first three lines in the previous entry are the lines from Radiohead's True Love Waits (click for a superb live performance by Thom Yorke). Stunning stunning emotional song. You should knock yourself in the head if you like acoustic love songs, but you don't have that song in your collection. I assume my dad thought i have a problem or something when i wrote those lines, so he called me last weekend and asked "got problems aa?", being the typical caring father. No, no problem at all. No one is leaving me. That is the song that i listen over and over again before i go to hospitals, especially for surgery. So, those lines are for my surgical rotation because i know those lines will occur to me, hit me in the head at some point, and it did.

- How did it hit me? Well, in the ward/hospital is where you see things you don't normally see. If women thinks men only care about their football, guitars, cars and not being committed to love, not caring about their mothers, wives, sisters etc, these women should hang out in hospitals then. If you were at where i was last week, you'll meet a woman in her 60s, can't speak that well, can't remember things, need support for breathing, terribly in pain (tummy pain) and is schedule for an operation to correct her tummy. Her husband and daughter (in her 30s) are by her side. As the consultant surgeon said, "Ok, we'll get her into the operating theater now. That's the only way to fix this", tears begin to flow from the ailing woman's eyes. As her tears drop, her husband who is a 70 or so year old gentleman starts to cry as well. Their daughter, who at first looks like the typical tough lady, then begins to cry too as she sees her visibly weeping father rubbing the feet of her mother while trying to control his emotion at the same time. It's like a domino effect of crying people. It's time for separation. They've been by her side in the ward for a couple of days. Now she has to go for a while and she might not come back. She might not wake up from the operation. It's very sad to witness a 70 year old man crying, fearing of losing his wife, whom probably has been by his side for 50 or so years. I can see how worried he is. So, while he is rubbing & playing with his wife's feet, crying, i imagine him singing these lines, probably in a heavy Northern Irish accent in his head:

I'll drown my beliefs.To have you be in peace.I'll dress like your niece.And wash your swollen feet.

Just, don't leave.Don't leave.

I'm not living.I'm just killing time.Your tiny hands.Your crazy kitten smile.

Just, don't leave.Don't leave

Lessons learned: Men do cry. Men are as afraid as women about losing their partners/spouse. When separation seems closer, the three magical words are not "I love you" anymore, it is "just, don't leave". Listen to that song to make this story relevant.

NB: that lady had a successful 5 hours operation (Hartmann's Procedure for sigmoid colectomy). Her husband will be happy to see her again. After 5 hours of killing time, her husband is 'living' again i guess.




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Swan Stabilo*

Swan Neck Deformity.Bjork.

NB: Away To Letterkenny for Surgery Rotation. 3 Weeks.

I'll drown my beliefs.To have you be in peace.I'll dress like your niece.And wash your swollen feet.

Just, don't leave.Don't leave.

I'm not living.I'm just killing time.Your tiny hands.Your crazy kitten smile.

Swans, Claddagh, Galway.

* Swan Stabilo make good stationeries especially highlighters. Luna still make the best color pencils and kilometrico pens are the best. Buncho is the only decent water color. Spending time at the book shops checking out pens and stuff is still one of my favorite leisure time activity. I'll usually go with my sister as she seems to lose her pen every week or so.



Drink more

Look Ahead

Without A Care In The Whole World.


Running away (from the dog that looks like a wolf)

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You Float Like A Feather

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Tired of taking pictures of stationary, unmovable objects/people/animals. Time for the birds again. I mean birds as in wild birds, not birds in bird parks or zoos and definitely not birds as in good looking young women according to the British. Location: Nimmo's Pier, Galway. Weather so and so, kinda cloudy. Flash wasn't fired for all pictures. Manual focus (i don't trust automatic focus in situations like these, heck, i never trusted automatic focus). Manual exposure, although technically, it's more like Shutter Priority since my aperture setting was maintained at f10. Too freaking lazy to switch the button from Manual to Tv. Freezing hands because of the whether and because i haven't bought gloves yet. A really challenging time for the lazy hands of mine.

Catch me baby. FL 160mm f10 1/250 ISO 400

Louie louie. FL 115mm f10 1/320 ISO 400

Joe Bloggs loves his bird. FL 90mm f10 1/125 ISO 400

Fly when you're sad. FL 135mm f10 1/320 ISO 400

I won't say anything at all. FL 125mm f10 1/640 ISO 400

What you feel is what you are. FL 135 mm f10 1/320 ISO 400


Case Study: Accidents Do Happen.

Common mistakes in photographing birds (birds in flight):

- Your hand is too fast for the bird (in the case below)
- The bird is too fast for your hand.
- You don't understand birds.
- You're thinking too much. Too technical. Over confidence. Moving too much.

Same bird as the bird in the last picture above, except i couldn't wait for a few milliseconds more. Could have been the perfect shot of the day if i had more patience. Was thinking about having kebab for lunch. A few seconds after this shot, the next shot was the last picture above. In general, seagulls are pretty easy compared to other birds as they tend to float for quite some time in the air instead of flying here and there quickly. Cameras do not matter here i believe as i managed to photograph seagulls in flight using my ixus i last year. In general, shutter speed of 320 and faster will freeze the wings. Sometimes 250 might do, depends on the flight motion actually. Shutter speed number greater than focal length number (eg focal length 125mm, shutter speed >125) to minimize hand clumsiness & "clumsiness blur". I don't tolerate blur-ness for bird photography. Editing depends on preference. Very minimum editing for me as a) i'm bad at editing b) I can't see the point in editing errors/mistakes in pictures of birds in flight as it is either you get it or you don't. My personal opinion. Not to teach anyone, just to teach myself, maybe my cute little brothers and sisters or maybe my cute little sons and daughters if i have any in the future. There are better tips out there. Good location, patience and practice is the key.

Yours sincerely,
Your Indie Alternative Picturegrapher.

I wish you had wings. FL 205 mm f10 1/320 ISO 400.

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Your Crazy Kitten Smile.

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Line, The Operator Is Dead.

1. To be good at something, the general logical rule is to know what the opposite is all about. If u want to win, you must know what losing is all about (said Bruce Lee), to be happy, u must understand how sad/despair feels like, to understand your friend, you must imagine what it is like if he/she is your enemy & to be in a successful relationship, you must realize what it is like not to be in a good relationship etc. People take this "opposite" concepts for granted and that's why you get this cliche - "We only miss things when they're gone". Islam has came up with this concept for a long long time - Ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara (remember 5 things before 5 things). I'm sure other religion has similar teachings. Lesson learned: Think about the opposite.

2. Malaysia have first class infrastructures and people with third class mentality. Should i make a guess at why we have third class mentality, i think it's because (from experience) a) Malays are more likely to be jealous of the success of their own race than other races. b) Chinese are more likely to look down at other races than their own race c) Political leaders waste their time talking too much about a particular race & how they need special help, without actually helping. d) We only accept good perception about us & totally reject the bad ones (We make it big news when people praise us, big news about our achievements but when Reader's Digest put us 3rd from behind in the rude/polite-ness index & CPI dropped our corruption ranking, the leaders said "Ah, those studies are flawed, tak boleh pakai, haprak." Ever heard of learning from criticism/mistakes? Oh yea, you can't criticize the government. Lesson learned: Mind your own business, accept criticisms & praises openly.

3. Dr. Mahathir had some minor form of a heart attack the other day. Chest pain (sakit dada) should be taken seriously by everyone. Lesson learned: Doctors do get sick.

Quadrangle, NUIG. 29/10/2006 FL 18mm 1/125 f6.3 ISO 400

Newstand, Galway. 10/10/2006 FL 33mm 1/30 f9 ISO 200

4. There are 3 bands that i find very similar to each other. Very similar because when i hear one of the bands, it will remind me of the other two. Basically they sing mellow-dramatic songs with clean cut chords. Mellow dramatic = if you listen to their songs attentively, especially with earphones, it's easy to "feel". To put it the Chuck Klosterman's way, The Times is basically a mediocre copy of Jikustik and Jikustik is a mediocre copy of Nice Stupid Playground. In general all 3 bands are good bands. Nice Stupid Playground, if they were more serious than they have been, they could have been the best indie band in Malaysia. My Life is My Parents' Biggest Television is head and shoulders above any of OAG's albums. All 3 bands are fronted by 3 talented young musician. Pongki (lead singer/guitarist) of Jikustik wrote that awesome Siti Nurhaliza's song "Seindah Biasa". The song of Siti that i like the most. Catchy, upbeat with some mellow-y part towards the end as you would expect from Pongki.

5. The way to take good photographs personally for me is not to try too hard. Usually will yield a success rate of more than 95%.

Galway Museum. 10/10/2006 FL 38mm 1/50 f11 ISO 200

Caution, Children. 24/9/2006 FL 205mm 1/320 f5 ISO 400

6. Experience will show that quality is more important than quantity. Prof. Morrison (click name for info) made me realized that fact. He is the consultant Obstetrician here and he is the consultant that most students are afraid of. I find him one of the most charismatic consultants. Maybe because he isn't that big/tall, so i can relate with those type of guys especially when they are the serious-i want my work perfect type of guy. I also regard him as the consultant who really understands what medical students should really do and need. As final meds students, we have these rotating tutorials given to us by various consultants/registrars in different specialties almost on a daily basis. The thing about Prof. Morrison's tutorial compared to others is, it was only done in 30 minutes but the info/lesson/knowledge i got in that 30 minutes is way way more beneficial in terms of its' significance for the final exam than most other tutors will ever give. His tutorial is the way tutorials should be done - bedside teaching, ask one student to examine the patient, tell the student what he/she did wrong, then he himself perform the examination to demonstrate the correct way of doing things, compare his finding with of the student's, take the students outside, some discussion and tell the students what they should know about the finals. He mentioned that topic discussions (about a particular disease etc, which most of the other tutors especially registrars will do) are basically useless because you can read it yourself at home. Another thing about his tutorial which stands out is, he will demonstrate the full examination technique himself instead of just asking student to perform the examination and correcting them here and there. Lesson learned: Good things done in 30 minutes is better than not so good things done in 5 hours, a day or a week.

Biawak. 6/8/2006 FL 185mm 1/60 f5 ISO 200

Tangan yang memberi lebih baik daripada mulut yang menerima. 6/8/2006 FL 95mm 1/200 f4.5 ISO 400

Buaya Darat. 6/8/2006 FL 300mm 1/200 f6.3 ISO 100

* For all pictures flash wasn't fired. Manual focus & manual exposure.

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